Get Money for Writing Articles

If you've ever wondered how writers make a living by crafting articles, consider this – imagine a freelance writer who turned their passion for travel into a steady income stream by contributing to online platforms.

But how exactly do they find these opportunities, and what steps can you take to start earning money for your writing?

By exploring various avenues and understanding the market demand for different topics, you too can discover the potential of getting paid for your articles.

Top 10 Websites for Writers

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If you're looking to get paid for your writing, check out these top 10 websites that offer lucrative opportunities for writers. Writing contests and competitive payment rates are essential for writers seeking to earn from their craft.

Longreads, for instance, offers $350 per project, $500 per essay, and up to $1,500 for different content types, providing a range of options for writers.

Listverse focuses on listicles, paying around $100 per article with a minimum of 10 points per list, making it an accessible platform for those who enjoy creating lists.

Copyhackers explores into marketing, branding, and UX design, offering between $300 and $1,000 per article, catering to writers interested in these niches.

A List Apart accepts articles on internet business aspects, paying $200 per piece, particularly emphasizing coding, design, and user experience.

Informed Comment covers U.S. foreign policy and international politics, compensating writers with an average of $100 per 800-1,000 word article, making it a valuable platform for those passionate about these topics.

Freelance Platforms for Writers

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Discover various freelance platforms that offer exciting opportunities for writers to showcase their skills and earn money through their craft.

Upwork is a popular choice, connecting creatives with clients and providing writing opportunities through profile creation and sample uploads.

If you're into marketing and UX design, check out Copyhackers, where you can earn $300 to $1,000 per 2,000-word article.

Fiverr is another option, an online freelance marketplace where you can set your rates as an entry-level writer and upload samples to attract clients.

For those who love list formats, Listverse pays $100 per published article with at least 10 items in each list.

Lastly, Vibrant Life focuses on health and spirituality articles, paying between $100 and $300 per submission.

These freelance gigs offer diverse writing opportunities, giving you the chance to hone your craft and make money doing what you love. So, seize the moment and explore these platforms to kickstart your freelance writing journey.

High-Paying Article Writing Sites

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Ready to level up your freelance writing game and start earning top dollar for your articles? Search beyond for these high-paying article writing sites:

  1. Longreads: Earn between $250 and $1,500+ for reported essays and reading lists.
  2. Copyhackers: Get paid $300 to $1,000 for copywriting and educational posts.
  3. Listverse: Make $100 per list on topics like pop culture, mystery sightings, and science.

These sites provide lucrative opportunities for writers looking to showcase their skills and get rewarded for their efforts. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, these platforms offer a range of topics and styles to suit your interests and expertise.

Niche Websites for Writers

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When exploring niche websites for writers, you'll find a variety of platforms that offer unique opportunities to showcase your expertise and earn money for your content. These platforms cater to diverse interests, from feminist perspectives to travel earnings. Here's a glimpse at some niche websites that pay for quality content:

Website Focus Payment Range
Bitch Media Feminist Content $150-$1,000
UX Booth User Experience $100
Informed Comment Foreign Policy $100
Travel Writers Life Travel Earnings $50-$200
Cracked Humorous Listicles $50-$200

Whether you are passionate about sharing feminist viewpoints, have a knack for crafting engaging travel narratives, or enjoy injecting humor into your writing, these niche websites provide a platform to express your creativity and get compensated for your work. Explore these opportunities to not only showcase your skills but also earn money doing what you love.

Additional Resources for Freelance Writers

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Looking for more avenues to expand your freelance writing opportunities and boost your income? Here are some additional resources to help you thrive in the world of freelance writing:

  1. Writing Contests: Participating in writing contests can't only provide you with exposure but also offer substantial cash prizes. Keep an eye out for reputable contests that align with your writing style and genre to showcase your skills and potentially earn some extra cash.
  2. Content Mills: While content mills have received mixed reviews, they can be a quick way to pick up some writing gigs and earn money. Platforms like iWriter offer fair compensation for approved articles, allowing you to monetize your writing skills efficiently.
  3. Specialized Websites: Consider exploring specialized websites like Smashing Magazine or A List Apart that offer competitive rates for articles in specific niches. These platforms often pay well for quality content, providing you with an opportunity to earn a decent income through your writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Paid to Write Articles?

Yes, you can get paid to write articles! Explore freelance opportunities and writing contests to showcase your skills and earn money. Tailor your pitches to different platforms, build your portfolio, and enjoy the rewards.

How Can I Earn Money by Writing Articles Online?

To earn money by writing articles online, explore freelance opportunities on platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer. Create quality content for websites like Longreads and Listverse, earning up to $500 per essay. Enjoy passive income through writing.

How Do I Start Getting Paid for Writing?

To start getting paid for writing, explore freelance opportunities on various platforms. Specialize in niches like marketing or UX design to boost earnings. Look for platforms that pay well per article, ranging from $100 to $1,000.

What Online Magazine Pays $1 per Word?

Looking for freelance opportunities with stellar payment rates? Check out The Sun Magazine. They pay $1 per word for personal stories, social issues, fiction, and poetry. Established or new, all writers are welcome!


Ready to turn your passion for writing into a profitable venture? With the abundance of websites and platforms catering to writers, there are endless opportunities to get paid for your articles.

From specialized niche sites to high-paying platforms, there's something for everyone. So, start exploring, pitching, and earning money for your writing skills today.

The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are waiting for you to seize them. Happy writing and earning!

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